A couple residing in art and design articulates their journey finding the art of life.




Falling in love with the mundane existences of life is a torment as well as a reward. Most of the time, your subjects of love are tiny, trivial, and insignificant. Hence, there wouldn’t be a surprise if your works (and you, probably) fall out of the favor of greatness, coolness, and the like. Nevertheless, there are those who cannot help themselves to move for a shivering leaf, a withering petal, and a memorable moment that only lasts for a blink of an eye. Such individuals will find elegant secrets hidden behind branches of trees, under layers of water bodies, and beyond others’ imaginations.

As beholders who withhold their autonomies, we are unchained in observing and deciding what will be the apples of our eyes. Art0nSpace is an online diary which represents its authors’ affections with art, design, and travel. Though the authors are only novices, who know less than necessary how to make, run, and publish a real magazine. As our devotion to the refinement, comprehension, and organization of this blog, our future articles will be coordinated as monthly issues with consistent layouts.

Stay tune.


[Each time you fall in love] – Cigarettes after sex


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