What made up your childhood memories?



What made up your childhood memories? Would it be playing hide and seek, running in the rain or making a giant sand castle?
How about chasing dragonflies, butterflies, and anything that flies? There is a myth in our country regarding these winged insects. If you let a dragonfly bites your belly button, you will automatically know how to swim. Please don’t try it at home. Though that common belief went viral for a long time, most parents send their kids to swimming schools. Thus, the dragonflies remain no more than a child’s midsummer dream.




7 thoughts on “BY THE LAKE

    1. I totally agree, dragonflies are so active that it seems impossible to take their photos without disturbing them. I was lucky since those guys loved to be models and standing still for a considerable amount of time.


  1. These are some breathtaking pictures and I like your written material, too. You’re so right: parents send kids to swimming pools and dragonflies remain a child’s midsummer dream 🙂


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